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Submarine Style

Submarine Style

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*100% of the proceeds of this item go directly to our mission of providing injured and disabled veterans with custom surf equipment and a community to surf with.

Check out this actual image made into a sticker! 

As the submarine cruised through the ocean depths, a daring man stood on the nose of the vessel, surfing the waves with an unbelievable sense of balance and control. With the wind whipping through his hair and the water rushing past him, he felt the thrill of adventure course through his veins. He shifted his weight with the precision of a skilled surfer, riding the waves like he was born to do it. He felt a deep connection to the ocean, as if the saltwater was his natural element. The man's fearless spirit and unwavering determination were evident in the way he rode the submarine's nose, carving through the water with the grace of a true master.

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100% Donated to Our Cause

We created this store as an alternative to cash donations, all the profits directly support our Veterans!

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