Our Mission

Our mission is to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment and a community to surf with. By equipping veterans and connecting them to our global network of surfing volunteers, we empower them to heal through surf therapy from coast to coast.

One More Wave is a certified IRS Tax-Exempt non-profit 501(c)(3).


Our Custom Board Design Process


Complete an application form then virtually meet with an HQ representative to assess which equipment path is right for you.


Work with our design team made up of shapers, artists, and fiber glassers through the 27-step process that goes into making a fully custom surf craft with customized instructions that fits the rider’s needs.


It all comes down to finding peace, health, and wellness in the surf zone. While the boards we make are works of art they aren’t made for display cases. These boards are built to be ridden! Join your local chapter to surf with and learn from the community!