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Southside Samurai T-Shirt

Southside Samurai T-Shirt

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Thanks to @jamescrx we are stoked to present the Southside Samurai T-shirt!

This tee not only showcases a vividly detailed samurai surfing a majestic wave but also symbolizes courage and perseverance with its depiction of a samurai sporting a prosthetic leg. This shirt captures the essence of the warrior spirit, while the vibrant colors add depth and dimension to the design. By supporting One More Wave, this shirt stands for a cause—empowering wounded veterans through the healing power of the ocean. Wear it proudly and embody the spirit of the Southside Samurai, riding the waves of life with determination and grace.

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100% Donated to Our Cause

We created this store as an alternative to cash donations, all the profits directly support our Veterans!

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