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San Diego 4" cammo with clear background

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These awesome stickers have a clear background so they will take on the color of your water bottle, car or whatever you stick them to!

Introducing our brand-new One More Wave stickers! These stickers feature the iconic circular design adorned with the unmistakable One More Wave logo, allowing you to proudly display your support for our mission.

Available in a variety of striking styles, you can choose from the bold Black outline, the vibrant Teal outline, the sleek and transparent Clear outline, or the exclusive Virginia Beach version, which pays homage to our VA Beach Chapter.

These stickers are not just a symbol of our community; they are a statement of solidarity, resilience, and the unwavering commitment to making waves of positive change. Show your love for One More Wave with these eye-catching stickers that capture the essence of our mission in every detail. Stick them on your gear, vehicle, or anywhere you want to make a statement and support our cause!


Can you ever have enough stickers?

100% Donated to Our Cause

We created this store as an alternative to cash donations, all the profits directly support our Veterans!

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